The blessing hand


I am pleased to introduce you to my special collection the Blessing Hand - inspired by the beautiful country Iran.


During my now beloved trip to Iran, I spent two weeks in late Autumn 2017 being amused and influenced by its people, culture, architecture and language. Every moment was incredibly inspiring and everlasting. 

My sole influence to the Blessing Hand was my visit to the Lotfollah Mosque at Naqsh-e Jahan (Iman square) in Isfahan. This great city and former capital of Iran exhibits the most impressive Islamic structures I have ever seen. The mosaic tiles’ color play under the sunlight reminds me of the luster of diamonds. 



The Blessing Hand is indeed inspired by the tiling design of the mosque. The pattern is not completely symmetrical. The sunlight comes through the hole of the blessing hand, just like the sunrays come in from the hole in the ceiling of the mosque. 



The Blessing Hand was created in remembrance of this special voyage.



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